Right Angle Films Profile Chris Purcell

- Directing -

Chris has had 25 years experience in directing on a huge variety of shoots all over the world. He has worked with many big name contributors such as Sir David Frost, Buzz Aldrin, Gary Oldman, Anita Roddick and Sir Richard Branson to name a few. In these straitened times, his ability to be inventive enables him to achieve the very highest production values from limited budgets. He directed his first award-winning documentary at the age of 27 and excels at making films that educate, entertain and inspire. Since then his directing career has had repeated professional recognition. Details of some of these successes are listed below.



Blood, Mud and Tarmac

(23 mins for Discovery Channel)

The proposed extension of a motorway near Passchendale would take it right through a WW1 battlefield. This is the final resting place of thousands of unknown British soldiers who were never recovered from the mud. This film examines the conflict between the need for progress and the desire to retain the sanctity of a site where so many fell. Since this film was made, the Flemish local government has cancelled plans to extend the road.

Vulcans, Victors and Cuba

(48 mins for Discovery UK)

At the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world came closer than it has ever come to all-out nuclear war. As the situation worsened, Britain’s war cabinet made preparations to evacuate to ‘Turnstile’, the top secret nuclear bunker tunnelled deep under the Wiltshire hills. From here, they controlled the RAF’s nuclear bombers, which were fully armed and standing by at 4 minute readiness. This is the story of just how close those bombers came to taking off.

AWARD: Best Documentary, Video Home Entertainment Awards

Reflected Glory

(10 mins for Channel 4)

A quirky music documentary about two rival Beatles impersonating bands.

Dambusters – The True Story

(53 mins for ABC Australia and Discovery Channel)

The untold story of the RAF’s most audacious raid remembered by 617-Squadron veterans.

AWARD: Best Documentary – Video Home Entertainment Awards

Short Documentaries

Jigsaw Man

(8 mins for Discovery Channel)

The popular crime series ‘Cracker’ was based on the work of the UK’s first Criminal Psychologist - Paul Britton. This film explores Britton’s working methods and reveals how he copes with entering the minds of the country’s most disturbed criminals.

A.I. – Brainchild

(9 mins for Discovery Channel)

A piece following computer scientist Dr Hugo De Garis who is working at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence. He’s come up with a revolutionary technique to create microchips that program themselves. The mid-term future looks exciting, but he has terrible nightmares about his invention’s uncontrollable potential.


(8 mins for Discovery Channel)

This film explores the bizarre world of Starlab, a privately funded research institute in Brussels. Located in a large town house, some of the world’s top scientists investigate time travel, intelligent clothing and buildings that assemble themselves.

Personal Views on Human Cloning

(6 x 2 mins for Discovery Health)

Experts ranging from controversial geneticist, Prof. Steve Jones, to former nuclear inspector turned ethicist, Dr Donald Bruce, present conflicting views on the potential dangers and rewards of human cloning.

Discovery People

(24 x 90 secs for Discovery Channel)

Glossy profiles of famous people who each describe an ‘epiphany moment’ in their lives or a turning point reached during the pursuit of a daring activity. Contributors ranged from Buzz Aldrin to Peter Ustinov and from David Puttnam to Anita Roddick.

AWARDS: Gold – Promax US 2000 (Roger McGough), Gold – Promax Europe 1999 (David Frost), Silver – Promax UK 1998 (James Burke)

Sponsored Content & Commercials

Under Southern African Skies

(2 x 60 secs for Nat Geo/ Star Alliance)

Two sponsored spots for National Geographic Channel and for in-flight use on Star Alliance carriers. These were designed to attract high-value international travellers to explore the whole Southern African region - beyond Cape Town and Johannesburg.

AWARD: M&M Award 2007 - ‘Best Leisure and Travel Campaign’

Sand Animation Channel Idents

(6 x 30 secs for Animal Planet)

On-air branding featuring the work of Hungarian artist Ferenc Cako - these idents exploit his amazing ability to draw in sand, continuously adapting the forms he creates to make new pictures.

AWARDS: Gold Promax Latin America 2006, Gold Promax Europe 2006, Gold Promax US 2006

Malta Tourism commercials

(3x 40 secs Nat Geo/Air Malta)

3 ad’s showing diverse aspects of Malta.

The Wolves of Yellowstone

(6 mins for Nat Geo/Airbus)

A mini-documentary on the positive effect of the reintroduction of wolves on the eco system of Yellowstone National Park.

The Restoration of the Hagia Sofia

(6 mins for Nat Geo/Airbus)

A mini-documentary showing the concerted effort and cooperation of many artists and specialists to restore Istanbul’s Hagia Sofia.

Feel The Force

(4 mins for Sky Sports)

An experimental and atmospheric piece on the art of the rugby tackle featuring former England captain Lewis Moody.

Sky Studios - a Celebration

(4 mins for Sky)

An artistic profile of BSKYB’s newly opened state of the art broadcast facility, Sky Studios.

Experimental / Installation


(2 mins for Blackpool Town Council)

An evocative mood piece about Blackpool’s tram system and illuminations - currently being displayed at Blackpool Tower.

Why don’t we do it in the Road?

(5 mins for Film Festival screening)

A lyrical portrait of one of London’s most peculiar tourist attractions - a humble pedestrian crossing in St John’s Wood. But this isn’t any ordinary piece of street furniture - a 10 minute photo session back in the summer of 1969 saw to that. A couple of weeks after Neil Armstrong took his giant leap, the Beatles took a few short steps across Abbey Road and the rest is history. Roughly timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' first recording session at Abbey Road Studios, this quirky short film explores a tiny part of London that has been suffused with a sort of magic.